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Justin Panagapko

Civil Engineering




About Justin Panagapko

Built environments are man-made spaces that enable all kinds of activity, from a single walking trail to an upscale city. Civil engineering is an industry that handles everything to do with built environments, including design, construction, and maintenance. It takes a passionate individual to dedicate their time and talent to making the world a more sustainable place by pursuing this type of career path. Justin Panagapko is one such person. 

After he graduated from high school, Justin wanted to pursue his dream of entering the scientific community. He first attended Brandon University, where he earned his bachelor’s degree in applied sciences. Having grown up around a welding-centric environment, he then went on to receive another degree in pressure welding from the Manitoba Institute of Trades and Technology.

Becoming an owner of Arctic Foundations of Canada has allowed Justin Panagapko to be involved in providing solutions to many of the real-world geotechnical foundation issues that exist in Canada. He has been involved with this technology for almost five years and works in all regions of the Canadian Arctic. His official job title is Owner / Director of two different construction companies: Three Sixty-Four Metalworks Inc. and Arctic Foundations of Canada.

Working in the Arctic provides a very unique set of logistical and engineering challenges for many reasons. The cold climate means there are short construction seasons before the weather gets bad. Oftentimes, worksites are very remote and hard to travel to. In addition, complicated geotechnical foundation conditions require unique solutions. There is no cookie-cutter solution that works for everyone. Every project is highly specialized. What is amazing about Arctic Foundations is their technology makes it possible for buildings to be built in locations that may not have been possible before. The way they stand out from their competitors is by providing proprietary technology combined with thermosyphon solutions. They are the only company in Canada that does this, meaning nobody else is able to provide the ground level, slab on grade building foundations, in any permafrost region of Canada. 

As a social person, one of Justin’s favorite aspects of his job is the fact that he gets to travel and meet plenty of interesting people throughout the year. This is an added bonus to being able to provide workable solutions that will make construction in Canada’s Arctic a more attainable reality.   

Looking into the future of his industry, he knows with certainty that permafrost will continue to deteriorate due to climate change. This means that construction conditions will become more and more adversely affected and his company’s thermosyphon technology will play an increasingly important role in infrastructure stabilization. 

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