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Ted Talks are an informative lecture series about a variety of topics that help a great many people in their personal and professional careers, including civil engineers. The right Ted Talk can change how you see your career and the effort that you put into it. Watch these engaging Ted Talks gain some insight into how engineering is changing and find a new understanding of your role as an engineer!


  1. Learn how Electronics are Becoming More Accessible

One thing that any engineer knows is how important electronics are in our daily lives. With this Talk, you learn about LittleBits, a set of interchangeable blocks designed by Ayah Bdeir that can create anything the user desires. Learn how these incredible building blocks are changing the landscape of tech, particularly across engineering disciplines, and how they promote STEM for young learners.


  1. Delve Deeper into Engineering History

If you love an informative talk but wish they all had a bit of history to teach you something new and exciting, watch this one about a precursor to a modern computer built in the 1800s and powered by steam. You’ll learn about this ‘analytical engine’ and explore the history of computing with some trailblazing coders’ profiles.


  1. Learn How Architecture can Enrich Communities

This Ted Talk, which features highly-acclaimed architect Michael Murphy, encourages us to utilize building practices that can strengthen the bonds in a community and be environmentally sustainable. An entire structure, from design to construction, should be planned and executed with the community’s social well-being in mind. This is one of the best talks if you want to learn about using architecture to improve the social health of the surrounding area.


  1. Learn to Lay Out a City for Maximum Pedestrian Traffic

There is an idea, presented by Jeff Speck and becoming a phenomenon, called the ‘walkable city’. In this TED Talk, he explains that as engineers, we must prepare for when cars are no longer necessary. This is a great one to watch if you want to learn more about sustainable practices and properly designing cities for increased pedestrian traffic.